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Eastway Gardens

Known to residents as Ottawa's Hidden Gem, the tiny community of Eastway Gardens is bordered by the Rideau River to the west and St. Laurent Boulevard to the east, and is sandwiched between Coventry Road to the north and Belfast Road to the south.  Just east of the train station, branching off of Tremblay Road,  The City of Ottawa alphabetized the streets.

Bannermount Avenues


On September 18, 1911, the former township of Gloucester registered the sub-division of Bannermount. Originally the property of one Nicholas J. Tremblay, it appears that the development was expected to serve as a home to the workers of at least two of the railways then operating in the region, the Montreal & Ottawa and the Ottawa & New York. The development backed onto the Ottawa & New York tracks that crossed the Rideau River just south of Hurdman’s Bridge as it was then known.

The Avenues were alphabetized from the beginning: Avenues A through H, J through U. If the developers had plans for more beyond U there doesn’t appear to be a record of it.

And until that development was registered, the road that these avenues branched off from wasn’t called “Tremblay Road”, but rather Cyrville Road. Apparently, that was the original name of the road. Yet another name change in a city whose history has been filled with them.

There's a mix of housing in the area from single detached, duplexes, and townhouses.