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Jean Richer & Irene Bilinski
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Devil Lake

DEVIL’S LAKE aka Solermo Lake.  The lake was named Devil’s Lake because it was a devil of a place to move logs from one end to the other with its 90 degrees curve.  The name was changed in 1953 by the Ontario Gov’t because they wanted to eliminate the word “devil”.  It was changed to Solermo showing that the Canadian Army had a part in the landing in Salermo, Italy in 1943.

The narrow lake resembles a large river in a big valley water levels drop off quickly.  White Lake empties into Devil’s Lake and there’s a dam at the end of the lake manually controlled by MNR.  There are approximately 200 cottages – all access from side roads.

It’s located close to the Village of West Port and 30 minutes from Perth and a 45 minute drive to Kingston (closest major city).  Nearby you will find, Turnip Island, American Island, Steamboat Island, Miller Island, Papoose Island and Vanderbilts Island.    It’s also the home of Salem Church (12 Devil Lake Rd) built in 1865.  Its adorned with beautiful Gothic windows and gingerbread tri – now a private home.

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