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Almonte, Ontario is a truly unique and inspirational rural community that makes visitors feel welcome, and residents feel at home. Located approximately 50 kilometres west of Ottawa, this historically rich town is home to 4, 600 people. It was the breathtaking 65 foot waterfall and rapids that first attracted settlers to the area in the early 19th century. Straddling the banks of the Mississippi River, which flows east until emptying into the Ottawa River, Almonte was built on milling and industry dependant on the powerful rushing river. In 1819, European David Shepherd constructed the first grist mill and sawmills, and set about building the town until it was destroyed in a fire less than a year later. The land quickly turned hands, and by 1870, Almonte was an incorporated village, boasting 30 stores and 40 other businesses, chief among these were the powerful textile mills, powered by the rushing Mississippi. The prosperity of the 19th century still remains partially intact; many of the large Victorian homes and limestone public buildings remain essentially unchanged, providing incomparable streetscapes and old world ambience. A truly modern community, Almonte has a wealth of amenities close at hand. Its historic buildings provide several inspirational places of worship, as well as antique shops, tea rooms, and restaurants. There are two museums in the village; the Naismith Museum and Hall of Fame, for Almonte's most famous resident, Dr. James Naismith, who was the inventor of basketball. The other museum is the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. Almonte is well known as a cultural centre for both the visual and performing arts where the CBC records live concerts at the old town hall. The main street showcases the work of national and international artists at three different art galleries. Plenty of recreational facilities are also available, with multiple community associations, service clubs, a curling club, hockey arena, lawn bowling club, and two golf courses nearby; Almonte is a vibrant, active community. A truly family oriented town, Almonte has a local hospital whose specialties include a maternity ward and the shortest emergency waits around. Child care is readily available and there are two schools in the town; Naismith Memorial Public School, and the R. Tait McKenzie Public School, which was named for the sculptor who spent many years inspired by the beauty and character of Almonte.


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